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Pineapple Game Cards Reader Analysis Software

Pineapple poker game is a speacil game for casino and rich people , which is very popular in Europe and North America , in china we called it as 13 water , yes a really funny name.
Pineapple analysis Software was designed base on poker analyzer , as many players tried to change the way of deal cards and playing rules , poker analyzer is no longer good enough for playing Pineapple poker games . Our idea is designing and make a better system to replace poker scanner poker cheating system .
There are many advantages as followed for these analysis software:
1.It will show number and suit of 52 cards in a line and show floop , turn and river by screen of computer . Also show ranking of all players.
2.It can change the cards position even other players cut cards after shuffle and can set the floop , turn and river by ourselves if other player request shuffle cards again after deal cards to each player.