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Pinhole Camera Lens To Read Ultimate Marked Deck

The pinhole camera lens can be hidden in many routine items like a lamp, a belt, a clock or a wall picture to read the cards by mean of an easier way.
The pinhole camera is special for reading the back marked cards that are marked with different wave length of invisible ink. Thus, other poker scanners fail to recognize these marked cards. This pinhole camera can read the back marked cards in a good position. Even if many players sit around the table, it is able to read the cards clearly and speedily. The camera is a high definition camera so that the cards will be scanned by it at any angle with 100% accuracy. Reading the cards at a high speed, it is able to finish its scanning function in a highly efficient manner. Furthermore, your pinhole camera can be processed by us. With this camera, your games can be handled more effortlessly and smoothly.
The pinhole camera can be applied to Texas, Omaha, Blackjack and many poker games. Just have a try to use it for enhancing your winning!