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Plastic Modiano Marked Playing Cards With Glasses

The Modiano Belot deck made in Italy by Modiano is a kind of the original poker playing cards. For purpose of poker winning, this brand of cards can be specially designed as the marked cards for poker cheating. In this paper, I will share 100% plastic deck of Modiano Belot marked playing cards for your poker games cheating.
This deck of cards is special for the game of Belot. 100% plastic Modiano Belot marked poker cards are typically 20 times as durable as their plastic coated counterparts. They are waterproof and flexible. With being resistant of folding, wear and scratch, they can spring back even bent. When you play these cards, you will feel them with professional ease. There are bright colors and clean lines on cards, which will impress you with their beautiful designs and vivid colors.
In order to supply you with multiply choices to cheat smoothly and secretly, we have developed four kinds of Modiano Belot marked playing cards for your inference. There are back marked cards for IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards read by analyzer scanners, back marked cards for spy camera lenses reading and laser back marked cards to be read by laser spy camera lenses. These marked cards are capable of meeting your needs under different poker cheating conditions.