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Poker Card Scanner

Playing card scanner is a common but tricky device among the marked cards cheating device. Because of tiny and diversified, they are hardly to know by others. In most of time, the poker camera scanner is personalized for specific needs according to the requirement of client, it means, besides the user, the people around him can't realize the existence of poker camera.

Many people will ask, what is the playing card scanner price? This is a difficult question because the poker scanner camera is different from the marked cards, you tell me what poker cards you need and I can give you a specific price immediately. The price of the poker card scanner is determined by many factors. The location, the scanning range, the objects you want to process, and types, the using method, these some factors which can affect the design of the playing cards scanning camera, before you order, the seller need to figure out these key points that he can know what goods the buyer exactly require.

Here, we will introduce some different types of playing cards scanning cameras and what are they suit to be used for.

Poker Camera Scanner For Barcode Marked Cards

Barcode marked cards, I think most of you guys used or have used them. For detecting the barcode marked cards, the poker analyzer is needed, but this poker calculating software is only for analyzing the poker game result to let you know the winner, before it, you need playing cards scanning camera to scan and collect the poker card information from the barcode marked deck. Besides the built-in poker camera (also call local camera) inside the poker hand analyzer you buy, there also are short scanning range exterior playing cards scanner, long scanning distance marked cards scanner for sale.

1. Local poker camera lens. 100% of who have the poker analyzer ever used this scanning camera lens, it is installed inside the poker winner predictor and you no need to cost more to buy extra poker scanner camera. But the scanning distance of this playing cards scanner is related short and usually 20 - 40cm. To date, for local camera inside the poker scanner system, the one has longest scanning range is PK King S708 Plus poker analyzer device, but the one which work most stably and accurately is AKK A1 Texas Holdem scanner system.

Poker Camera Scanner For Barcode Marked Cards

2. Short exterior playing cards scanner. This camera lens is tiny and can be disguised as various objects, such as the astray, poker chip tray, lighter, water bottle, poker chip, watch, wristband, sleeve button. The scanning range can be customized with 8 - 60cm, and the finished poker camera is same as the normal objects and hard to find its secret. As we know, in some poker games, the cell phone or some items are prohibited to be placed on the poker table, it is the time for tiny secret poker camera.

Short Exterior Playing Cards Scanner

3. Long distance scanning distance poker scanner. This poker scanner is more sophisticated and difficult to be checked by others. The distance of these poker card scanners can be 1 - 5 meters, Meter! From the design, this poker camera scanner isn't a poker camera lens, but a playing cards camera system, but its volume is small and not need to worry about the big size and don't know where to hold it. The most common object is monitoring system, emergency lamp, wall clock, flower pot, loudspeaker box and so on. Don't doubt about them, all can be custom-made as the specific needs of the clients.

Infrared Poker Camera For IR Marked Poker Cards

The infrared poker scanner camera is similar with the long scanning distance range poker camera for barcode marked cards.

1. Can be customized with various objects.

2. The long scanning distance.

3. Can be used to know the playing cards in advance.

Infrared Poker Camera For IR Marked Poker Cards

But, the differences are, for different marked cards, the different way for receiving result, the different purpose.

1. Different marked cards. The infrared poker camera is for scanning infrared back marked playing cards.

2. Different way for receiving result. After scanning the marks on the marked cards' backs, you can see the invisible ink markings on a video displayer. It means, if you want to master this device, you need to cooperate with your partner.

3. This device mainly developed for casino owner or poker club owner to monitor the playing card games. With this set, if others want to play tricks during the games in their places, with this playing cards scanning system, all tricks can be displayed clearly.

Some people may confused about the different playing cards scanner, some people regard them as the old technology, while somebody thought they are too complicated. In fact, the technology is updated constantly, but you don't realize it; and for their complexity, if know, you can master them easily.