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Playing Cards Spy Camera For Back Marked Cards

Playing cards spy camera, also called poker pinhole camera lens, is a kind of electronic camera that scan the invisible ink marks on the backsides of marked cards. After scan the back marked deck poker, the video will be sent to TV or phone by wireless. Then your partner can see the information of the poker games in a displayer or cell phone screen and tell you the accurate game result through mini earpiece or vibrator or walkie-talkie.
With the development of technology, there are IR poker scanner detector, black filter spy camera, white filter poker camera lens, laser marked card scanning camera lens, and other poker camera lens. Each playing card spy camera has their marked deck poker to match with. The most advanced playing cards camera now is the laser poker spy card camera, the cards for it cannot be checked by any other spy cameras.
This magic marked cards spy camera can be installed inside the ceiling of the roof, the lamp, the smoke sensor, clock and many other objects. The distance of this poker scanner camera scan can be customized.