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Poker Analyzer Can Be Customized

Some customers like customized products and we have been providing this service. As long as you can provide information, we can be customized according to requirements.
Sometimes customers want to buy poker analyzer, which could work with poker scanning camera for invisible ink marked cards. There are many kinds of specifications. For example:
1 imported chip processing more accurate,
2 capacitive screen operating more smoothly,
3 high -capacity battery last longer
4 single-lens wide super wide range,
5 poker cards can be freely moved around 25CM. Down 25cm, about 30cm, 100% accuracy
6 can be normal dial telephone and Internet access, integration, more convenient, more subtle.
There are many customers like to use they own marked poker cards and they need just processing the marked cards as they want. client processing production scanning badge, card models and samples, can explain the card name and model. If you need processed other kinds of products, just contact with us by Email or Skype.