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Poker Analyzer Software

As we known, different poker game has different rules. When betting in poker game, who can guess closest to the final result, which will have the advantage to risks loss and be the winner. To gain more edges, some small gadgets will be used to help user to know the game result. Among various kinds of poker deception, poker analyzer software is a regular predictor to check your bets.

The poker analyzer is suitable to many kinds of poker card games, such as Texas Holdem games, Omaha games, Flush Games, Ronda (also called Honda) games, Seca games, Baccarat, Pai Gow games Indian games and misc from different countries and regions.

Do you know how the analyzer works to help user to check bets? In this article, you can learn some of them.

The operation steps of Texas Holdem poker analyzer scanner system, Omaha poker analyzer software device, Flush poker winner predictor or Indian games are similar.

For example, Texas Holdem is a popular and exciting game, it is played widely in various countries, generally, 10 players is the standard number of payers. When in the Texas Holdem games, the Texas Holdem scanner system will scan and analysis the whole deck of cards automatically, Texas Holdem also different in different areas, the 2 cards Texas Holdem and 3 cards Texas Holdem are the frequenter. In the Texas Holdem poker analyzer scanning system, there will has various codes which stand for different software game, if you have this scanning system, knowing which code of program is you need is very important. What is more, because the dealing methods are different in different areas, the setting of dealing cards is set by user accordance with their specific need.

Texas Holdem With Poker Analyzer

Omaha is more complicated, compared with the Texas Holdem game; Omaha games need to calculate more carefully. However, with the Omaha poker analyzer app, you will find that it can give you the accurate result within 0.5 seconds. No matter in Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Omaha 6 cards or even Omaha 9 cards.

Omaha Poker Analyzer Check Your Bets

When in the Flush game, you need to analysis the cards and bet in different range, if have the Flush poker analyzer device, you will know the cards in advance and know how to make a good bet.

Flush Game With Poker Analyzer App

All above 3 poker games can be predicted by the poker hand analyzer software automatically, what you need to you is place the hidden poker camera inside the poke hand analyzer towards to the cards, the poker scanner camera will scan the invisible information on the barcode marked cards to collect the playing cards information for poker analyzer software to calculate the game result. Finally, you can receive the game result. All these actions will happen just within 0.5 seconds!

Ronda (Honda)

Ronda (Honda) games are most common poker game in Brazil, if no other tricks for help, you need to guess the cards which will occur firstly, some people prefer dealing the cards from bottom to top, some players like dealing from top to bottom, however, no matter which dealing method, you can find the specific program in the poker analyzer system. The working way is very easy, a little difference is in Honda, you no need to set the dealing rules, just select dealing the cards from Top or from bottom.

Poker Analyzer For Ronda


Seca is popular poker game in Russia, with the Seca poker hand analyzer; you can know whether you are the winner before the cards are dealt to players. It is very easy to do, but because there is various rules of Seca games, and they maybe just a little difference, when select the analyzing program, you need to read the Game Rule first to confirm that the game program is the one you really needs.

Seca Poker Hand Analyzer


If you have played Baccarat before you must know that there are 3 different results of 2 hands of cards. The banker win, player win or Tie. The Baccarat poker analyzer also just report 3 result, the 1 represents the cards of banker is best, the 2 means the player cards is the best cards, and the 0 stands the result of 2 hands of cards are same. Is it very difficult to choice which result will occur in the Baccarat game? With the Baccarat poker hand analyzer kit, there is not a problem.

Baccarat Playing Cards Scanning System

Pai Gow Analyzer Program

Referring to Pai Gow games, many people will worry about that usually the Pai Gow Tiles are black and it is impossible to mark the special markings on the backs for infrared contact lenses or luminous ink glasses to see. But here, the Pai Gow analyzer system can ignore this problem. There are 2 kinds of Pai Gow scanning system which are for regular Pai Gow tiles and marked Pai Gow tiles with invisible ink barcode. With this practical analyzer set, you can know the cards ranking on the screen of the analyzer or know which hand is the best winner by mini earpiece.

Pai Gow Analyzer Program

Every kind of poker game have its own code in the same poker analyzer device, before using, please confirm that you choose the accurate one you need.