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Poker Analyzer CVK 400 for Omaha and Texas Holdem

Our top quality CVK 400 poker analyzer can be a great power for you in the Texas Holdem and Omaha poker cards games.
CVK 400 poker analyzer has various languages versions, such as English, Russian, Korean, so it is very easy for all the players to manipulate. It is a regular cell phone from appearance, and has all the functional which cell phone keeps. So it is very practical.
Unlike normal scanning cameras, CVK 400 has two scanning camera lens on the edges of cell phone, that means it has two times scanning range than the former normal poker cards reader, the scanning distance of this powerful CVK 400 poker analyzer system can be different as different people requirements. When you playing Texas Holdem or Omaha game, the scanning camera lens of CVK 400 will read the barcode marked cards automatically and send the image signal to the poker analyzer software to analyze the information, within 0.5s, you can get the game 100 percent accurate game result in clear and secret.
We also can provide other kinds of poker analyzers, such as AKK series poker analyzer system, CVK 350 poker cards analyzer, Texas Holdem marked cards poker analyzer. If you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to contact us.