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Poker Analyzer Device For Poker Games

Our company can provide customers with invisible ink marked cards, infrared contact lenses, spy camera lens, poker analyzer and many other types of useful tools for poker games many years. Here are brief introdution about they.
Marked Cards:
For marked cards, we have Bee marked cards, Copag Marked cards, KEM marked cards, Fournier marked cards, Da Vinci marked cards and many other brands of marked cards. All of these marked cards are finely processed from their original playing cards with poker printer and invisible ink by our professional technicians.
One-to-one Contact Lenses:
For contact lenses, in addition to IR contact lenses, we have also three other kinds of one-to-one contact lenses, with which you can directly see the marks we have printed on the back of the cards with luminous ink and other light ink of different wavelengths. The luminous contact lenses have been put into wide use for making a good team with luminous ink marked cards in poker cheat. Their popularity has robbed them of their secrecy, which has contributed to the invention of the two other kinds of one-to-one contact lenses. Their existence is still unknown to many people, which can give you bigger chances to cheat at poker games without being found out by other players. These contact lenses are comfortable to wear and harmless to your eyes. There is no need for you to worry that they may change the color of your eyes, thus arousing suspicion of other players because contact lenses of different colors are available for your choice, such as black-eye contact lenses, gray-eye contact lenses, blue-eye contact lenses and green-eye contact lenses. Whatever your eye color is, there will be suitable contact lenses for you. In addition, the degree and center diameter ( ranging from 4mm to 12mm ) of these lenses can be customized according to your requirement.
Spy Camera Lenses:
For spy camera lens, there are different kinds of poker scanning camera for your choice: cell phone camera lens, lighter camera lens, watch camera lens, leather belt camera lens, shirt button camera lens and car key camera lens. No need to worry that the camera lenses fixed inside might be found out by other players since they are so small and completely concealable.
Poker Analyzers:
For poker analyzer, we have different types in our stock, including CVK 500 poker analyzer, CVK 450 poker analyzer, AKK A1 poker analyzer, AKK K5 poker analyzer, PK King S708 poker analyzers, MDA poker analyzer and so on. All of they can predict the poker games result quickly and accurately.