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Marked poker cards you can see with glasses

Suddenly I found that people is really strange. They will talk about the future, they will cherish the memory of the past, but they are always complaining now.
Some poker player will complain that why they cannot control the playing card game tricks, and some will be regret that why not use playing cards cheating devices, like luminous marked cards with contact lenses, poker scanner system, barcode reader camera.
They always look for a better future, because in their minds, the future represents an opportunity, on behalf of future success, it represents the everything will be fine.
They have often lost feeling, because in their minds, had a chance to seize, there was hope of success may be, there was everything you can change for the better is possible.
However, everyone seems to forget that they are the present they are  complaining are the future they will expect, the present they are complaining are the past that they will cherish.
Why not seize this moment, the present? You don't need the help of other poker players, you can use special invisible ink for marked playing cards, yo can also wear sunglasses that can see through making poker cards.
Can do!