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Poker Table Camera Work With Any Poker Cards

You may quite familar with infrared contact lenses , IR sunglasses, and poker scanning camera for back marked cards or barcode marked cards. While after use the contact lenses and poker analyzer system, you may wander if there is a poker cheat device could work with unprocessed card, of course not! Recently there are many poker players inquire us about the perspective poker table, but we would like to tell you that there isn't a perspective poker game table can help you with this problem and no need contact lenses, no need marked cards.
No matter what cards you used, when player folds they own cards in our special table, then you can see each player cards' points and suits on a small screen. This perspective poker game table is easy to operate and you just need to see the small screen.
You must think this is an resonable and useful product, but it doesn't exist! What's more, we also supply many kinds of poker scanning camera for barcode marked cards and long distance camera for back marked cards and they would not let you down!