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Poker Tracking Software For Texas

It is well known that Texas Holdem is the most popular around the world. If you have an intent of winning this game, our powerful poker analyzer systems will offer you useful ways to master this game easily and secretly.
The poker analyzer system include a camera, a poker analyzer, barcode marked cards and a wireless earpiece or Bluetooth. Usually, the camera will be fixed in the poker analyzer or other items in our life like a car key, a lighter or a clock to read the marked cards without any suspect from other players. After the camera reads the cards, the poker analyzer will decode the bar codes on cards and then will analysis the poker result as you set. The results can be set in analyzer to report in different forms such as the biggest winner hand, the biggest winner hand and the second one, each player’s poker hand ranking, flop, turn or river. With this good chance to know the result you need, you will be able to play each poker section more sensibly and confidently. In the end, winning odds will be increased to the largest extent.
The latest powerful poker analyzer systems supplied in our company can be optional like CVK 500 poker analyzer system, AKK K4 poker analyzer and AKK K5 poker analyzer.