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Power Bank Barcode Marked Cards Reader

Those power banks we usually see in daily life are normally used only to charge cellphone batteries, while the power banks sold by our company can also be applied to scan marked cards as a barcode marking reader.
We usually hide a spy camera lens inside our power banks, which is so concealable that nobody can find out about its existence.
Turn thepower bank camera lens on before you play poker games. Let it towards the barcode marking cards ( The scanning distance between the former and the latter can be customized from 12 to 135cm according to customers’ requirements. ) Its scanning height is 30cm and its scanning width is 35cm. Within this range, it can scan barcode marking cards rapidly and precisely whether the cards are put on table or held in hand.
We sell such power banks for both Android phones and Apple phones, all looking exactly the same as those available on the market. If you are interested in our power bank barcode marking reader, please feel free to contact with us!