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Powerful Camera Lens For Poker Analyzer

Nowadays,phones are getting more and more common, everyone use cellphone everyday, which make the power bank become more and more popular. And we found it a good props to be processed into a lens for poker analyzer. There is a spy camera lens installed into the power bank, you can easily turn on the camera lens to enjoy your poker cheating! Operating greatfully!conveniently!
The scanning distance is 25-45cm. The scanning area is 0-15 cm.The battery life is 4 hours.
This is a new design and new technology power bank camera, it is a real power bank which you can use it to charge your mobile phone, while it is also a poker cheating device, it is a infrared camera to scan bar-codes marking playing cards, so that your poker scanners will analyze the marked playing cards and tell you who are winners.
While it is different from the previous cameras, as previous cameras, such as wallet poker camera, mobile phone camera, cigarette case camera, lighter camera and so on,it is just with single camera or double camera, but this power bank camera have HD lens, so that it has bigger scanning area to scan the marked cards.
This power bank camera has good quality, and it can scan side-markings playing cards very fast, so that the poker analyzers will offer you 100% correct results. It can also play for Wold Poker Tour,Poker cheat in cards game,Gamble cheat in all poker games,Casino Games,Poker match,Private cards game ,Club cards games,Magic show of marked playing cards.