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Professional Omaha 4 Cards and Omaha 5 Cards Scanning System

During the Omaha playing card game, it is very helpful if you know the cards of each hand first, as all the cards back pattern of a deck playing card are the same, it is almost impossible to do that. But, Omaha poker scanning system can help you.
There are many kinds of poker cards game all over the world, and Omaha are popular with people from all countries. This powerful newest portable Omaha poker card scanner can help you to predict the winners and ranks of each hand poker before the dealer dealing the cards. This poker device is very easy to operate and one person can complete all the process, it configurations include a poker hand analyzer, scanning camera lens, invisible barcode marked playing cards and skin covered mini earphone. In the poker game, the scanning system will read and transmit the marked barcode magic cards automatically then the poker analyzer software will received the information and analyze them immediately, finally, you can receive the game outcome and the ranks of all the players by the mini skin covered earpiece.
The appearance of this Omaha scanning reader analyzer just as same as a normal phone, so no now will find any problem of it and you can use it in the Omaha 4 cards or 5 cards game freely.