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Marked cards can make you more confident

Pure bluffs – when a hand has absolutely no chance of success unless your opponent folds – are less likely to win you money then bluffs that are combined with hands with the possibility of improving as the hand develops. These are generally known as "semi-bluffs". I think of them as bluffs with a back up plan – a way to win even if they don\'t win outright as a bluff.
Here\'s an example of a semi-bluff. It\'s the flop. You have AJ. The flop is KQ8. You bet. On the one hand you have nothing. If your opponent folds you win. It would be a successful bluff if that happened. But even if he calls you have a chance of getting hitting a ten or a heart on the turn or river and winning that way.
Where is your confidence?
As you can see, a bluff with a backup plan, known as a semi-bluff, is better than just a pure bluff. So take that into consideration when pondering whether or not to bluff.
If you have a poker cheating devices, allowing you more confident.
such as infrared contact lenses, invisible ink, instant scanning equipment.
Of course, these devices can only be used for gaming, not for fair competition.