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Rare Printers Signet Plastic Bicycle Prestige Marked Cards

Marked cards are a cheating device widely used around the world. Suitable for any poker game like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud, Blackjack, Baccarat and so on, Bicycle Prestige marked cards are a flagship among all marked cards. Our company sells two types of Bicycle Prestige marked cards: back marked cards ( the marks, indicating the suits and numbers, can be printed in the middle or on the white board of the card back ) and side marked cards ( the marks, indicating the bar-codes, are printed along the edge of the cards ). And we can also make the marks according to your reasonable requirement.
Bicycle Prestige marked cards were finely processed with poker printers and invisible ink from high-quality Bicycle Prestige playing cards, which feature stylish appearance, good stretch and comfortable touching. They are made of 100% plastic, which makes them extremely playable without sacrificing durability, resilience and sharpness. These cards are of poker size and in regular index. There are two colors, red and blue, available for your choice. The marks printed on Bicycle Prestige playing cards are invisible for naked eyes but can be seen with the help of any of the following poker cheating devices.