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Read dice the cube changes everything

Read the dice without seeing the dice, do you think it is possible? Of course, if you can read the dice number without seeing the dice, then you can changing everything, for example, when gambling over the chips, you bet on one certain number, but suddenly, you know the number is not the number you bet, what will you do, I believe you will make a right decision then.

Actually, there is a kind of dice that can be read before seeing it, and we are the provider of that kind of dice. Induction dice in our company is one kind of processed dice, and it is of high hiding property that no one will notice how you handle the dice. Our induction dice includes a vibrator, a dice and a tiny chip installed into the dice cube. How to read dice the cube that changes everything is the most important part of the dice game.

Turn on the vibrator first and then roll the dice, when the dice is put on the desk, you will feel different vibration along with different numbers. Then you can know the dice number through felling the vibration.

If you can read the dice number before seeing the dice, then you can change everything, we can provide you induction dice in this aspect.