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Remote Control Car Key Poker Scanner

Do you know that car key can be processed as a poker scanning camera? May be you are not quite familar with it, so we will talk about it in this article. It is a wonderful short distance car key camera.
This car key camera scans barcode marked cards accurately and quickly. It can be used to cheat at Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas hold’em and other poker games. The poker camera could be used to scan Bee marked cards, Fournier marked cards, Copag marked cards, Bicycle marked cards, Modiano marked cards, Bear marked cards and lion 3500 marked cards. When you cheat at poker games, you just need to put it on the table and then it will scan barcode marked cards automatically. Besides this camera, we sell other poker cameras, such as lighter camera, water bottle camera, power bank camera, wallet camera and other cameras.
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