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Rigged And Loaded Dice

The most visible part of the game of craps is also the most common way of trying to cheat the game. Since the dice used to play craps get handled by different players, cheats often try to manipulate the dice themselves or switch out the casinos dice for their own loaded dice.
The original definition of loaded dice meant dice that had weights added in certain places to cause the dice to land on certain numbers more often. But not all loaded dice are actually weighted to manipulate the outcome.
Loaded dice were the first big craps cheats, with players palming their loaded dice and switching them out with the dice provided by the casino. Shaved or sanded dice are another form of dice cheat. Rather than load or weight the dice, cheaters would sand or shave off tiny pieces of the dice. These tiny changes to the shape of the dice caused them to land on specific numbers more often, just like loading the dice.