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Samsung CVK 350 Poker Analyzer For Poker Card Games

Samsung cell phone is a famous and popular in the world, it can suitable for various occasions, to provide more practical function to clients, our professional technicians can process them as a playing cards CVK 350 poker analyzer which can be a winner soothsayers for various poker card games.
There are several methods that the user can receive the outcome.
1. there is a vibrator connect with this CVK 350 poker analyzer, so that you can know which hand will be the best winner by feeling the vibrating of vibrator.
2. Working with mini spy Bluetooth earpiece. After analyzing the data, CVK 350 poker hand analyzer will send out the game result, and the mini earpiece which match for this playing cards analyzer will receive it and you can hear the result effortlessly.
3. Showing result in time-mode. For example, if the real time is 10:25:30, the 2nd hand is the best one, the minute of the time will be change as 2. It will change several time so that you can see them very clearly.
There are many else practical function of this powerful CVK 350 poker winner predictor, if you want to know more, please focus on our website or contact us for more information.