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Scanning Camera For Texas Holdem Or Omaha

Scanning camera special for Texas holdem or Omaha are our high quality product, only when you use a better scanning camera, the poker analyzer will receive a more clearly result. Here are some information about this type scanning camera for you.

A table scan lens, the customer according to their processing requirements of the second installation in any Texas holdem / Omaha Poker edge of the table or the internal structure of the table
Configured to use:
Can be used with Texas holdem / Omaha Poker winner system operating procedures that have
Effective scanning distance of the lens to the card: 32-40 cm
Remote control program with a distance of 12-15 meters, the system can be used in conjunction with the room in two
Table lens Time: 6 to 8 hours
Charging method: 12VDC power supply, the new lithium battery charging time is 8 hours or more, the second charge is 1 to 2 hours
Product Warning:
This product is suitable for families with entertainment venues and venues, such as the use of customer orders, in violation of local laws and related state regulations and the company does not assume any responsibility for the power, take charge of all clients.

our Texas holdem and Omaha poker scanning camera from can simply use, you just need to operate by yourself, no need a partner, this canning camera can scan the barcode marked cards with a very fast speed of 0.1second.