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Scanning device in mobile phone

A phone cannot only used to communicate with others and surf the internet, it can also be used as poker devices. How that happened? There is a kind of scanning camera can be installed in smart phones, when you use bar code cards, put the deck of bar code cards on the poker table, and the phone scanning camera works as a reporter.

It can tell the result to the user through a little piece of ear plug, and the result maybe who get the biggest cards or who will win the game or other formation, how to report the result according to your choice on the procedure, because the procedure we designed according to different kinds of poker game.

What are the advantages in using phone scanning camera in games as poker tricks? It may because phone is such a common item that everyone use in everywhere, when you put your phone on the table, no one will take it unusual, and the speed ensure your work efficiency since it can tell the result within half a second.