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Scanning System For Famous Poker Games

Our Texas Holdem Scanning System is operated by only one person and is definitely the best and the the most advanced device in predicting the hands of Texas Holdem. Using this Scanning System you will be able to know the winners(the first and the second one) and even the rank of all the players, through stealth earpieces that will transmit you the information needed.

Without any help from a computer or partner, you will know the outcome of the game and the accuracy is 100% guaranteed.

Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson are the suitable cell phones. The other things needed are mini-earpieces and marked cards.
exas Holdem analysis program uses only 52 cards. The joker card is not used here.

The game starts when each player is dealt two cards (the Hole cards). These cards are with their face down and are unique for each player. Then there are the five community cards with their face-up, and these are placed by the dealer. The community cards form the so called series of three (the flop), and there are two additional single cards (the turn and the river). More games rule can be know fromWWW.cards999