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Second Deal Poker Shoe Scanner

When playing Baccrat and Black Jack poker games, do you want to get the beneficial cards to you? It is very easy to realize only with our special second deal poker shoe scanning camera.
This magic second deal poker cards shoe scanner usually works with edged barcode marked cards. The scanning camera lens inside the poker shoe will help you to read the barcode signal of each card and send the image information to the TV computer or mobile phone screen that you can see the points and suits even the game result of the poker cards game. What is more, if you feel that you don’t want to have the first card, you can hidden it by pressing the remote controller button to hide it then you can deal the second card, if you want to this hidden card, just let it out and get it.
The functional second poker shoe spy cards reader also can be used in various kinds of poker deck games, you can utilize it to control the whole deck and get which card you want freely.