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Sensitive Contact Lens Poker Shirt Button

A new version shirt button camera has come! This latest shirt button camera will surprise you when you use it to cheat at poker games!
A tiny camera has been set inside the shirt button and then you just need wear the shirt to make a cheat. This device could scan barcode marked cards secretly. It is suitable for the dealer, because the scanning distance is 9-21cm which is a perfect distance. The camera can work together with any kind of poker analyzers, such as the latest CVK 350 analyzer, the k30 analyzer, the K20 analyzer. At the same time, the product works at 4 hours constantly and then you can charge it.
Shirt button camera is a high sensitive device for scanning marked cards. If you want to buy such powerful camera, it is good to consider choosing this device! A good marked cards device really can do you a big favor during playing casino games. More information just feel free to contact with us!