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Secret And Magic Infrared Playing Cards In Poker Cheat

The marked playing cards are the most basic ways to help you cheat secretly in casino games. Generally, there are two kinds of marked cards. One is invisible ink marked cards and the other is barcode marked cards. There are also can help you cheat poker games easily and secretly.
The luminous ink marked cards are special for IR contact lenses or IR sunglasses seeing. The side marked cards are designed to be read by poker cheat scanning camera lens. No matter what kind of poker card, our naked eyes fail to recognize the marks or codes. Also its materials can be used with paper or plastic. Both are able to help you win easily poker games. In addition, we also accept custom service about marked cards.
Our marked cards are available for home games, private gambling or casino gamble. With it, you can have a good time in casino. If you take an interest in our marked cards, please do not hesitate to contact us.