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Short Distance Watch Playing Cards Scanning Camera Lens

This is a short distance watch playing cards scanning camera lens for scanning barcode marked cards, and from its appearance, it just a normal watch and others cannot find any secret of it.
What do you think about the short distance watch poker camera lens? Have you used it before? The scanning distance of this watch poker scanner is 30-40 cm, it is suitable to be used in Texas Holdem, Omaha, baccarat and blackjack. Watch poker camera lens is a HD scanning camera lens and it can work together with MDA poker analyzer, AKK K20 poker analyzer device and AKK K30 poker analyzer software, PK King poker hand analyzer, CVK poker hand analyzer and so on. After scanning barcode marked cards, it will send the data to the poker analyzer. At last, the user could hear the poker game result in each poker hand through an mini Bluetooth earpiece.
Besides this watch poker camera lens, we also have various kinds of poker cameras for sale, like lighter playing cards scanning camera, wallet poker scanner, water bottle playing cards scanner, ashtray poker predictor scanner, cigarette box poker spy card reader and so on for sale.