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Side Mark Barcode Reader

Now we have a new design and advanced high speed auto sensor button camera with 24 infrared light for poker analyzers. Its
advantages are showed below:
totally solve the problems of wrong reporting, disorderly reporting and difficultly focus marked cards, it will give you only one correct result, no matter your sides-marking cards are new cards or old cards, they would not affect it to scan and give you only one correct result.
it is produced with original imported high definition photosensitive chip. scanning image is more much clear. its size is smaller, it can save much power, and it won’t be much hot after working for a long time.
its scanning distance is 26cm, scanning width range is 33cm, height scanning range is 24cm. You can put the bar-codes marking
playing cards on the table to be scanned or hold the cards in your hands is no problem.