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Side Marked Cards For Poker Scanning System

The side marked cards are very excellent in poker analyzer system. The side marked cards printed with the barcode on the sides of cards help you win in many card playing games. I will introduce the good points of side marked cards used in poker cheat.
First of all, the side marked cards are plastic cards so that they enjoy more endurable and washable advantages compared with the paper cards. Second, they have good hand feel and and good quality so that you can use them for shuffling cards over and over again. Third, the codes on the sides of side marked cards are invisible from our naked eyes or IR contact lenses. So they have good concealment in cheating. Last, the most distinguished feature of the side marked cards is in poker cheat. The codes of cards can be read clearly and precisely by the poker analyzer that can decode the codes of cards and tell you poker results. Generally, the side marked cards can be very excellent in poker analyzer system. With the help of those marked cards, you will have more ways to cheat in varieties of poker games and win the games with an easier way.
The side marked cards are excellent to increase your winning odds. If you take an interest in them, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.