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when you win in poker, please be humility

Each race has a set of rules, but these rules are not complete enough, the game players need to learn some manners, etiquette and basic behavioral actions of these games in the poker world also must follow and attention.

The following is a poker room etiquette you should remember:

You can not say bad language. Watch your language words. The online poker room is adult stuff, no one likes to hear bad language.

Not rude. Not every player you generally like the players, avoid saying nonsense damage or insult other players. You win the hand and not just the players, to have grace, can not go too far, careful Golden Girls, today left line, good in future meet, remember.

Keep a cool head. Do not make the non-wise commotion out of control.

So the game can not stop progress. Through casual or ill-considered and deceleration speed is not a good strategy game. It reflects your level is not professional.

Notes can not be rushed out, we need to turn to when you should bet the note.

You can not talk to other players. Talk about another player's hand is not the difference between good ethical. Furthermore, they should avoid profane another player. If you have that burning desire to chat with other players, keep it short and Essentials.

To respect the dealer. The dealer is not so easy as you think, he was working under intense pressure. They would have to work long and hard, nor too high wages. Not because they are a little clumsy and rude or in glaring them, they may just be bad luck.

When you notice some impropriety in the hand should say it out loud. If people make when wrongdoing, or someone is wrong bet. When an event occurs You Qian fair, you should deal with the requirements of the global people together.

If you think you will win out of this Board, please showdown immediately, do not wait for the dealer to ask you. And when you do win, you want little humility.

Do you have enough chips to keep the game, do not mess piled up together. Do not play your game chips interfere with the game.

Keeping your desktop tidy bet position, do not put unnecessary things. Only put the best cash game chips, chips and covered with paper cards.

Be sure to tell you to keep a poker face, but occasionally with a friendly smile, will make the game more exciting and interesting.