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Special Baccarat Second Dealing Shoe

With the popular of Baccarat poker games, Baccarat dealing shoe in more and more in need, nowadays, you could see that dealing shoes are widely used in many places. The special second sealing shoe supplied by GS is one of the hot sale products for increasing poker player odds in games.
When playing Baccarat poker cards games, players may need to draw another card if the total point of all the cards is or less than 5, in this moment, knowing what the cards will get is important. The second dealing shoe is a real Baccarat dealing shoe and no one can find any problems of its appearance, however, after the processing of our professional technician, the special dealing shoe can make dealer to know the first cards conveniently and if this cards is not beneficial to him, he can ignore it and dealing the second one which may give great advantage to him.
We also have automatic Baccarat scanning camera, poker analyzer system for Baccarat, back marked decks as well as barcode marked playing cards for sale.