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Special Lenses Marked Cards With Luminous Technology

These cards can only be read by special contact lenses or gimmicked sunglasses. The original luminous systems use green inks to mark the back of red cards, and the lenses you should wear to detect the marks are red-colored.
The newest luminous technology is called Ultra-Luminous and it is far more effective than the original luminous systems. The Ultra-Luminous technology in fact is based on complicated chemical formulas and optical scientific principles, which makes almost impossible for marked cards to be detected.
Another type of the daub technique, which is even better as the juice dust method does not dull the finish of the cards. Again it occurs during the game, and one of the players is marking decks of someone else, so the normal deck turns out into an ad-hoc juiced deck. Another advantage is that this technique works on both paper and 100% plastic playing cards.