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Stealth Marked Deck Playing Cards

Marked cards look like regular casino cards, but there are some marks or codes, numbers printed at the back of the card. The marks are printed with the invisible ink, which are visible from the soft contact lens only. So you have to wear the contact lens for seeing the marks on the cards. The cards can be used for all the playing card games. The soft contact lens or hidden lens is easy to wear and does not cause any harm to the eye. Since these marks cannot be seen with the naked eyes, so besides you no one else will see the marks and you can play the game smoothly. The Marked Cards in India are available online and offline at the spy stores.
After wearing the lenses, the marks will be prominent from the distance of 30-40cm., before the cards are served to you. The marked cards are made from the latest luminous technology, which is regarded as a better technology for printing. The specific marks will help you to win the game. The Marked Cards in Delhi are available with the reputed dealers and the manufacturers at the best price.
The marked cards are compatible with all the gambling games like Blackjack, Mau Mau, Omaha Poker, Bull, Texas Poker and etc.
The marked playing cards are specially designed with latest technology of the luminous mark and the marks on the back of the playing cards are printed with invisible ink. The player can also use hidden headphones and soothsayer to receive the information about the marks.