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Samsung Mobile Phone Poker Camera With K4 Poker Analyzer

Poker scanning camera play a important part between poker analyzer and barcode marked cards, and the mobile phone also can be processed as poker camera to read side marked cards. There are many kinds of mobile phone you can see in the market and Samsung mobile phone is always popular around the world. Today, I will introduce the Samsung mobile phone camera with K4 poker analyzer for you.
There is a mini camera lens fixed inside the Samsung mobile phone. Used in poker casino games, just put it on the table and other players will not find any flaw from it. The K4 poker analyzer is also a mobile phone and you can hide it inside your pocket. When the camera lens scan the barcode marked cards, it will transmit the signal to poker analyzer which has capability to analyze the poker result within 0.3s and you can receive the result by mini earphone. For instance, in Omaha poker cheat, the poker analyzer will tell you the best poker hand, the second winner hand or other poker results you need. Also, the camera not only can work with K4 poker analyzer but also work with AKK A1 poker analyzer, CVK350 poker analyzer and other kinds.
Our company has many kinds of poker cheat devices can help you to cheat any kind of poker game in an easier way. The camera and K4 poker analyzer is one kind of ways to help you play poker games smoothly and easily.