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Supplier For Poker Analyzer Scanning Camera

The poker analyzer camera lenses are useful for poker analyzer system cheating. In order to operate the secret poker cheat, the camera lenses will be disguised as the routine items like a car key, a TV, a mobile phone or a lighter to read the marked cards without suspect from other players. In this paper, I will specify them in detail.
As a professional supplier, our company has been specializing in producing advanced and HD analyzer camera lenses for customers. In terms of scanning distances of the analyzer camera lenses, they can be classified into two types: long distance cameras(with 90cm) and short distance cameras(1 to 6m). With this advantage, you can choose the suitable reading distance under different poker cheating conditions. For the purpose of operating the secret poker cheating, the cameras will be fixed in items in our daily lifer such as mobile phones, lamps or lighters to read the barcode marked cards with 100% accuracy and concealment. Reading the marked cards speedily and accurately, the camera will finish its scanning function in a highly efficient manner. As a result, in the poker games, you can play more smoothly and confidently.
In addition to the finished camera lenses, we have an extensive custom service. If you have other requirements, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to meet your needs!