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YT-468P Interphone for Magic Marked Cards Games

During the poker cards games, working with partner to get the games result in advance more safer and easily, in that time, a quality and reliable interphone is very essential, our YT-468P interphone will be your ideal choice.
It is a normal interphone so others will not notice its secret. The distance between this marked playing cards interphone can last long as 50 meters, and it can used up to 10 hours each time. When in the poker games casino, you can your partner may be have a long distance. The once the poker analyzer forecast the games result and sent out the information, your partner will get it and pass them to you by this magic poker deck interphone and mini earpiece, even he not in your around.
The whole set YT-468P interphone includes the interphone, a signal receiver and a mini earpiece. With this magic interphone, you and your partner can cooperate perfectly and wonderfully.