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Texas Holdem Games Individual Analysis Device

In the last few decades, our company made a huge investment in developing Texas Hold’em poker analysis device, and finally we are bringing it out, the technology it adopts surpasses that of any other similar device ever since. Compared with others, it has 9 advantages as follows:
1)The device is workable by only one person, that means no partner and laptop is needed, and no distance limits.
2)The device simply contains a mobile phone, an earpiece, and analyzer. See the picture.
3)Through the earphone it can tell you who will get the biggest hand and the second biggest hand , so you can judge the game in the first place.
4) You can set number of players with the player setting panel.
5) No need control button.
6)Marks are much more invisible, one can hardly find the hidden marks.
7)Standard English Pronunciation
8) It is very easy to operate, 100% correct .
9)Only 3 minutes learning you can skillfully use it.