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Texas Holdem Strategies For Poker Player

Once you have figured out basic and intermediate Texas Holdem strategies, it is time to move on to more advanced theories. As is the case at any level of sophistication, you will want to adapt complex strategies to your own natural style. But for those who have mainly spent their formative poker hours learning to value hands properly and avoid dangerous situations, the next level of poker thinking involves reading and understanding your opponents on a deeper level and employing more aggressive tactics.
Observation is as important in poker as knowing the order of hands. By watching your opponents closely you can pick up a specific tell, like a facial tic or tapping of the finger, and get an overall impression of their attitude and style of play – the cards they play, how they act when they are winning, when they are losing.
Another advantage to observing opponents is that it might clue you in on your own tells. The more aware you are of  mistakes made by other people, the easier it is to correct your own. Self-awareness can be just as useful as observation.