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The 6 Electronic Dice System Device

As the development of technology, we can create many type of dice with different sizes, matte or transparent, these dice could use with the electronic table.
The newest electronic system includes an electronic table and 6 electronic dice.
The electronic table and dice use in the private game room. It has not so widely use, so there is a big market for many people.
If you are the reseller, this may be a good chance for you to catch. After skillful use, you will control most of the dice gamble.
The table is remotely controlled by a radio-controlled remote that allows total control over the dice.
Using the remote is very simple, having only two buttons that control the dice.
The table has an incorporated accumulator with a life of up to 300 uses of the remote.
The working surface of the table is 100 cm x 100 cm.
The features of the products is given by the following parameters:
- The table contains no magnetic elements
- Dice do not "shake" when simply pushing a wrong button
- Dice can be operated simultaneously
- Maximum portability
Electronic table and dice is very easy to operate, it is a qualitative leap of the dice device, and it also the progress of dice gambles.