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Can you get the success easily by marked poker cards with invisible ink contact lenses?

 What kind of poker players you think are successful in poker? The poker players who have high skill in poker, or the poker players who have earned a big money by luck and then never playing again, avoiding the money losing, or the poker players who are very intelligent in poker games and know to make use some ways to increase their winning odds.

Which one do you agree above? Different people have different opinions, and the definition of success is different in different people’s view. In my opinion, I think there are some professional poker players who have some common features, so they all can get large achievements, and I think they all are successful. But there are some people who have strong disagreement on some professional poker players, they think those professional have used high-tech devices to help them when they took part in poker tournaments, for example juice marked cards, infrared contact lenses, poker cheating sunglasses, scanning camera, the poker predictor and so on ,so they think their success is not all depends on their high skill.