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What represent of four poker suits?

According to a legend,In the late Qin, Chu and Han had a contention.Great general Han Xin want to alleviate the homesickness worry of soldiers, so he invented a card game, because the sign face only leaves size, it is called "leaves play." It is said that this is the embryonic form of poker.

When the twelfth century, Marco Polo brough this card game into Europe, immediately aroused great interest of westerners. At first, it's just the luxury of nobles, but because it is low cost, diverse gameplay, and easy to learn, and soon became popular in folk.
Frenchman understood the four suits as spears, square, clove leaves and hearts;
German understood the four suits as leaves, bells, acorns and hearts;
Italians understood the four suits as a sword, coins, crutches and glasses;
Swiss understood the four suits as acorns, bells, flowers and shield;
Britons will be understood as a shovel four suits, diamonds, clover and red hearts.
Why took these four patterns as four suits of poker? There is always a lot of argument. More concentrated version has the following two:
The first version is that the four suits representative the four major industries at that time society, including Spades stands for the spear, a symbol of the military; clubs representatives clover flower, a symbol of agriculture; diamonds represents the tile of artisans using; Hearts stands for hearts, a symbol of the priest .    

Another said that the four colors of poker are from the pattern of ancient Europe divination artifacts, the spades stands for olive leaf, a symbol of peace; the clubs stands for clover, which means lucky; the diamonds was a diamond shape, a symbol of wealth; while Hearts of Hearts type , a symbol of wisdom and love.