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How to win the poker game without useing invisible ink

After licensing skills will I do with a trick play popular games are played on a non-region which. Also some people will use the infrared contact lens or marked cards products.

If only playing, it can apply, and can play a very good results.
No need any poker cheating analyzer, chemicals invisible ink, non of the old and new cards who, on the non-inverted others how licensing, licensing by someone else , others have not yet been recovered Suxi licensing technology know others will be recovered What brand, such as by someone else after shuffle back card.
How to made 4 a, or a straight flush, and the important thing is having the necessary license be issued, the poker game is not prone to collect all of the playing cards, neither small cards without repetition, let alone want to change the licensing boards and stolen cards.
The poker king still need practise for poker skill even with infrared lens