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Top Quality Baccarat Marking Decks Scanner Camera

Baccarat originated in France, then popular by many poker cards players around the world. Not like Texas Holdem or Omaha poker cards games, Baccarat games are full of large man-made uncertainties. However, the top quality edged marked deck poker cards can help players to see through each cards, and they will know how to do next step.
The magic Baccarat poker cards reader is processed by our skillful technicians with a regular cell phone, it includes all the normal functional a normal mobile phone has. Besides, the mini scanning camera lens we inserted into the phone is so secret and other cannot find it, and you can place it on the poker game table freely. The powerful Baccarat marked cards scanner can read the cards from the top to down, or report the cards from down to top, what is more, it also can read the cards you pointed, and you also can choose the poker card spy reader to report the suit of each card whether or not. When you playing Baccarat game, you just set up the program you want and put the cell phone scanning camera on the table, the scanning camera lens inside will scan the edged barcode marking cards automatically once they are into its scanning scope. The scanning distance of our professional Baccarat marked deck poker can be different and customized as your specific requirement.
You can send your phone or select the one we provide to process as Baccarat poker scanning reader. If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.