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Transparent Baccarat Poker Shoes

In many casinos or poker clubs, people will use Baccarat poker shoe to deal the cards, and it is an extremely good chance for user to read the cards conveniently.
No need to work with marked playing cards, this magic transparent Baccarat shoe is processed very perfectly, other is hard to find any problems. It has many require for the light, in the suitable light environment, if dealer want to draw a card, but he doesn’t know what cards he will get, pushing the cards up a little, from special angle, it can using the light to read the cards and know what is it. If the cards are beneficial to you, you can ignore it and dealing the second cards secretly and fastly. It will increase the odds for you in the Baccarat game.
The reading angle can be processing in the middle face or side face, if you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact and tell us your requirement, we will provide the best ideal Baccarat poker Shoe for you.