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Tricks To Do With A Marked Deck

Most of poker players had tricks to do with marked cards, because these cards can help them to know the cards in advance even predict which player will be the winner, which make them have edges to win the game and avoid loss money. In the past time, people need complicated strategies and keen eyes to forecast and win the game. But now, it can be done easily and secretly.

However, do you know how many ways to do a magic marked deck card tricks? How tricks to do with a marked deck? In this passage, there are 3 main ways for your reference.

1. The basic marked decks, contact lenses marked cards. Just as its name implies, these magic marked cards need to work with the infrared contact lenses, of course, the marked cards sunglasses is OK too, but the best way must be the luminous contact lenses before of the unique design. The markings on the contact lenses marked cards can't be detected by normal eyes but only with the invisible ink contact lenses or glasses can see ink.

Contact Lenses Marked Cards

2. The intermediate marked cards, barcode marked deck cards. For the mentioned contact lenses marked playing cards, you can know the cards point and suit from its markings, however, for these barcode marked deck cards, the markings on them not only can't be detected by them as tools of luminous ink reader, you can't know what their markings means if no special analysis program. The barcode marked cards poker is an important part of poker analyzer system, which contains barcode marked poker cards, poker camera scanner, poker hand analyzer as well as the mini Bluetooth earpiece. All these gadgets should work together for collecting the cards information and analyzing the favorable result to user.

Barcode Marked Deck Cards For Analyzer

3. The high challenge marked playing cards, the infrared marked cards poker. The difficulties of the cards not because they are not good to use, with this marked deck card tricks tools, you can surveille the overall view of the games and know all the cards just as they are face up to you even they cards face down indeed. But if you work it, you need to opperate with your partner. For example, when you are playing the games, you partner maybe in the next room of the game room you are in or outside the place of the gambling, even far away from 100 meters (in thoery, the distance can far as 5000 meters), while with this magic set, you partner can know watch the overall view of the game room and know all the cards each one players have. Basic on all the information, your partner can talk the result or other information regarding the poker game by walkie-talkie and you will receive it by mini earpiece effectively.

Infrared Marked Cards Poker And Camera

Different marked deck kits suitable for different poker games or depends on the specific requirement of the user. If you need more information, contact our professional sales.