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Tricks With A Marked Cards

For me I much prefer the alternative types of card trick such as the Spinning Card, Rising Card, and Quicksilver Card Change. All of which I am going to teach you and more! I like the fact that people expect a boring card trick but in fact they are blown away with an amazing trick.
Basically there are three ways of discovering a spectators chosen card. One is to force a card on the spectator, so that you know what the card is. The second way is to locate the card by it position in the pack, so you can find it by looking through the pack or as you deal them.
The last way is to control the chosen card, by shuffling, cutting etc, which enables you to reveal it when ever you wish! there is the only value of a marked deck. You can perform that. Whatever trick you extend off that, is fine, but that is the value of a marked deck.
A completely fair selection. If you are using it without that piece, you're just using a brute force way to do something you can do a number of other ways, and without evidence.