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Types Earpieces For Marked Cards Analyzer

This one to one superior bluetooth earphone is the newest techolgy in 2019 ,it's work distance is 10 metres .It's also one to one earphone, it means just the earphone come with this device can hear the voice ,the other normal earphone beyond this device can't
hear anything even stand nearby .Wireless Earpiece is also known as deep canal (external auditory canal type) miniature wireless
headphones, micro headphones, small ears, microear etc. It has transmitted signals to answer phones, walkie-talkie, PHS, voice
recorder, MP3, Walkman, radio, etc., replacing all the wired headset.
This type come with the special bluetooth,this superior blutooth works as the super transmitter ,makes the diatance further ,the  earphone still can hear the vioce even 10m far away to the analyzer phone .The other functions of the bluetooth is It can keep the
voice secret ,in other words ,the voice of the phone just can heard by this earphone .
Wireless Earphone is mainly applicable to some objective is not exposed or not exposed for headphones or headset lead their own occasions. the portable concealment can completely replace all the wired headset. It can be entirely hidden in the ear canal, very subtle, compact, easy to carry; simple operation.