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Types Of IR Contact Lenses With Invisisble Ink Cards

The IR contact lenses are special for reading the invisible marks on the back of marked cards. They are very helpful for many poker playing cards. I will share two kinds of our distinguished IR contact lenses for your consideration.
IR Contact Lenses Made in USA
we can offer you the best quality of IR contact lenses—Johnson & Johnson IR contact lenses that enjoy high-end material imported from USA. The IR contact lenses adopted the polymer material that has plenty of water content up to 40% will give you excellent feeling when you wear them at poker playing games. In addition, it will not do any harm to your eyes. Just result assured that this kind of IR contact lenses will bring much to your games.
IR Contact Lenses Made in Korea
This type of IR contact lenses also have a higher quality compared with the common contact lenses. But they are more favorable in price than the Johnson & Johnson IR contact lenses. The main difference between them is that the sight you see is not much clear at a long distance, but, if you sit around the poker table to cheat, there is no any problem for this IR contact lenses to read the invisible marks of cards. From the above mentioned contact lenses, which one do you like? Please feel free to contact with us for more information.