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Ultimate Secret Deck Marking System

Card marking is one of the methods how to cheat blackjack, and it is basically the process of altering the cards in such a way that the rank, suit or both of them are only apparent to the player who has marked the card. The marks are done on the observer’s side and are usually quite uniform.
Card marking can be done no matter who deals or shuffles the cards. However, some of the more sophisticated scams in the past had also involved other types of manipulative skills in order to place the cards in the right position once the cards have been identified.
The earliest card marking attempts were done by creating tiny bumps or blisters, crimps and bends on the cards. When the designs began to appear on the back of the cards, the designs of the cards were altered using scratches, pigments and inks of different types. In the recent years, more enhanced techniques have been used like luminous inks and juice marked cards.